Spesifikasi MERCEDES BENZ GLS SUV Terbaru
Agustus 30, 2019


Gaya menjadi daya Tarik V-Class dalam memimpin segmen MPV premium. Desainer V-Class di Stuttgart mendapatkan serangkaian perubahan untuk memberikan tampilan baru mengikuti perubahan yang diberikan pada desain mobil penumpang Mercedes-Benz saat ini. Dibuat lebih luas dengan kehadiran visual baru, desain mewah sekilas terlihat dalam eksterior Mercedes-Benz V-Class 2019. Konsep personalisasi dengan garis Avantgarde dan Eksklusif pada eksterior depan Mercedes-Benz V-Class 2019 dilengkapi dengan gril bawah yang berbeda dengan tampilan pra-faceliftnya. Menggabungkan gril bawah menjadi satu bagian yang lebih lebar dan besar untuk asupan udara yang lebih banyak.


Pricelist Mercedes Benz V-CLASS


Kapasitas mesin 2143 cc
Tenaga 163 hp
Torsi 380 Nm
Kecepatan maksimum 183 kmph
Jenis Bahan Bakar Diesel
Akselerasi 14.0 s
Konsumsi BBM dalam kota (kmpl) 12.04
Konsumsi BBM Tol 18.51
Dimensi & Kapasitas
Kapasitas Tempat Duduk 6 Kursi
Kapasitas Bagasi 1030 L
Kapasitas Tangki Bahan Bakar (liter) 57 L
Panjang 5140 mm
Ground Clearance 160 mm
Lebar 2249 mm
Tinggi 1880 mm
Jarak Sumbu Roda 3200 mm
Jarak pijak roda depan 1666 mm
Jarak pijak roda belakang 1646 mm
Jumlah Pintu 5
Berat bersih 2105 kg
Berat kotor 2800 kg
Suspensi & Rem
Suspensi Depan MacPherson Strut
Suspensi Belakang Multi-Link
Jenis Shockbreaker Coil Spring
Girboks 6-Speed
Jenis Transmisi Manual
Jenis penggerak FWD
Detil Mesin
Jumlah Silinder 4
Katup per Silinder 4
Sistem Suplai Bahan Bakar CRDi
Rasio Kompresi 16.1:1


Experience the variability of the V-Class.

A versatile interior concept makes the Mercedes-Benz V-Class a comfortable MPV with many possibilities. The generous proportions of its interior are exemplary in terms of ergonomics, functionality and design.

  • Huge load capacity. The Mercedes-Benz V-Class has an intelligent interior space concept and lots of ideas for convenient loading and unloading, e.g. the separately opening rear window.
Find out more about the variable space concept.

The V-Class was developed for life's pleasures and challenges. And it shows true generosity with the variable space concept of its interior.

Interior concept

Interior concept

The intelligent interior concept. Space has never been as flexibly usable as in the V-Class.

Vehicle lengths

Vehicle lengths

The Mercedes-Benz V-Class in 2 different vehicle lengths. Tailor-made for your requirements: the V-Class in compact, long or extra-long versions.

  • Vehicle length 5.14 m Vehicle height: 1.88 m. Suitable for practically any underground garage! Boot capacity 1030 l with a maximum of 8 seats.


High-tech for all the senses.

Travel for all your senses.


Perfect sound experience with the Burmester® surround sound system. Thanks to a perfectly adapted amplifier and loudspeaker system the Burmester® Surround Sound system [1] brings fascinating sound to the vehicle. A total of 15 loudspeakers (6 more than with the standard Audio 20 USB) and one bass reflex box generate a 640 W sound experience. An awesome sound is delivered to every seat with the multichannel surround sound technology. The Burmester® logo visually indicates the high-grade Burmester® Surround Sound system. And for the benefit of improved communication voice amplification [2] means conversations between driver and front passenger are output on the speakers in the rear of the vehicle using the integrated microphone in the overhead control panel.

Park and let park

image.MQ4.0.20180503165151 (1)

Parking package with 360° camera – less effort when parking and manoeuvring.

The Parking package with 360° camera comprehensively supports the driver when searching for a parking space and when parking or leaving a parking space as well as during manoeuvring. Parking Pilot looks for suitable parking spaces and automatically steers the vehicle into parking spaces, both in parallel and at ninety degrees to the road. The 360° camera makes the area immediately surrounding the vehicle visible - both from a bird's-eye view and below the window line. It thereby helps to identify any obstacles when parking or manoeuvring.

Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive.

Intelligent systems for more safety, comfort and connectivity.

A companion you can rely on. Thanks to its assistance and safety systems the V-Class supports you in many driving situations so you reach your destination more safely, relaxed and in more style.


Collision Prevention Assist.

Collision Prevention Assist[1] helps drivers keep the distance to the vehicle ahead and emits an audible signal if there is the risk of a collision. Collision Prevention Assist issues a visual warning if the minimum distance to a vehicle ahead is insufficient. At the same time the system activates BAS PRO Brake Assist, which – if the driver does not brake hard enough – automatically boosts the braking pressure.


Lane Keeping Assist.

Lane Keeping Assist[1] helps to prevent accidents caused by leaving the lane unintentionally. Depending on the desired operating mode, Lane Keeping Assist is active from a speed of around 60 km/h. A multifunction camera can recognise lane markings and controls whether the vehicle is moving in its own lane. If the vehicle leaves its lane unintentionally, Lane Keeping Assist gives the driver a haptic warning that it is about to cross a detected lane marking.


LED Intelligent Light System.

The LED Intelligent Light System[1] adapts the vehicle lights to suit the light, road and weather conditions. It increases perceptual safety and relieves driver stress. The adaptive headlamps can automatically adjust to suit the driving situation. High Beam Assist helps to avoid dazzling oncoming drivers. Active curve lights pivot the headlamps into the bend, improving road illumination.


Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive – technologies in detail.

Energising comfort and exemplary safety.

Be it at rush hour, during a long drive at night or on an unfamiliar route – the V-Class noticeably takes the strain, particularly in stressful situations. This is based on a concept that makes every journey in a Mercedes-Benz safe and unique: Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive. Because the time you spend behind the wheel is your time. Time for relaxation. Time to replenish your energy. So that, first and foremost, you reach your destination safely, but are also always relaxed when you get there.

Blind Spot Assist

Blind Spot Assist

It sees what you can't see.

The feature can help prevent accidents during lane changes.

Blind Spot Assist supports drivers when changing lane on roads with several carriageways. In addition to drivers checking traffic by looking over their shoulders, the system alerts drivers by visual and audible warning signals and helps identify vehicles in the blind spot at an early stage. If the system identifies a vehicle within the detection range, it warns drivers with a red triangle in the corresponding exterior mirror. If the turn signal is activated despite this visual warning, the triangle starts flashing quickly and an audible warning signal is also output. The system uses proximity sensors to monitor the environment throughout an area of approximately 3 metres to the side and rear of the vehicle.

LED Intelligent Light

LED Intelligent Light System

Better perspective.

The system adapts the lighting to the driving and weather conditions.

The LED Intelligent Light System increases the vehicle's visibility and supports drivers. It includes adaptive headlamps that can ideally adapt to the driving situation. The equipment scope includes elements, such as Highbeam Assist to help prevent dazzling oncoming vehicles as well as the active light function that moves headlamps towards the bend to significantly improve illumination of the road surface.

Parking Package

Parking Package with 360-degree camera

Easier parking and manoeuvring.

The Parking package supports in searching for parking spaces as well as during parking and manoeuvring.

The Parking package with 360-degree camera comprehensively supports the driver with Active Parking Assist and a 360-degree camera when searching for a parking space and when entering and leaving parking spaces as well as during manoeuvring. Active Parking Assist looks for suitable parking spaces and automatically steers the vehicle into parking spaces both parallel and at ninety degrees to the road. The 360-degree camera makes the area immediately surrounding the vehicle visible - both from a bird's-eye view and below the window line. It can also help to identify any obstacles when parking or manoeuvring. One of the four cameras is located in the radiator trim at the front of the vehicle, one in each of the two exterior mirrors on the sides and one in the handle of the tailgate. Their images are reproduced on the media display.

Parking Package

Parking Package with reversing camera

Entering and leaving parking spaces in a relaxed way.

The package supports drivers and helps when pulling into and out of parking spaces.

The Parking Package supports drivers when searching for, entering and exiting parking spaces as well as during manoeuvring thanks to Active Parking Assist and reversing camera. Active Parking Assist looks for suitable parking spaces and automatically steers the vehicle into parking spaces both parallel and at ninety degrees to the road. Once reverse has been engaged the reversing camera visualises the area directly to the rear of the vehicle and helps prevent damage during manoeuvring.


Photos and films of the Mercedes-Benz V-Class.